Select This Option When

NG U.S. Employee

Employees who are part of the NGUSN based NGC trusted computing environment with federation and single sign on access to the US Collaborative environment (NGFEDUS)



External/Internet Access (Customer, Partners, or Employees)

Smartcard, OTP Token, or Exostar Token authentication for employees, customers, partners, and suppliers who have been issued an NGC account



Employee Help

IT Service Desk – 1-855-737-8364



Warning!! Access to Northrop Grumman’s computer network (“Network”) is only for authorized users and for authorized purposes.  Transmission via the Network of export controlled information abroad or to a foreign person in the U.S. is an export which requires U.S. Government export authorization.  You have no expectation of privacy in any information passing through or stored on the Network.  Communication and data that pass through or are stored on this Network are monitored and may be intercepted, searched, disclosed or used for any lawful purpose.

Please be advised that by accessing company and/or personal information on this computer, such information may be left within the computer’s memory and could be accessed by others.  If you are concerned about others potentially accessing such information it is recommended you access your personal information via Northrop Grumman owned equipment or your personal computer